7 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Bethany Beach, DE 19930
(302) 539-4118
Disciples of Christ chalice

Board and Committees


The Rev. Dr. Rayner (Rusty) Hesse

Board of Directors, 2018

Moderator: Guy Fisher
Vice Moderator: Mary Johnston
Secretary: Patricia Drizd
Treasurer: Glenn Chisholm
Financial Secretary: Pamela McRainey
Trustees: Al Rae, Andy White, William Johnston
History: Gary Ottey

Committees, 2018

Worship: Bonnie Rae
Outreach: Rose Mary Hendrix
Future Directions: Carolyn Billingsley
Social: Nancy Ottey
Property: Andy White, Glenn Chisholm
Pastoral Relations: Brenda Chisholm
Sonshine: Nancy Ottey
Historian: Gary Ottey
Publicity: Bette Meredith


Aimee Phillips Gusky